Gaming Resolutions for 2016

Gaming Resolutions are video game promises that we make to ourselves. We all have titles that are just sitting in our eternal backlog, wasting away. If you identify five titles that you will attempt to beat during the course of the year, you will feel that much more accomplished when you achieve completion of your list by the end of the year. It’s more effective to put games from the past on this list, because games from the current year are so enticing to play in the first place. But that’s for another list. Now, onto my five gaming resolutions for 2016!




I started Bastion a few years ago and stopped far too early. I’m not even sure why. I think it was the first Steam sale with the introduction of trading cards and I wanted to try nabbing a couple of easy ones? Regardless, now that the game is on Vita, it makes perfect sense to play in on the go during my work travels.



I have never played Final Fantasy VII. It sounds unbelievable, right? Now is the perfect time for me to give it a try, with the PS4 port that speeds up gameplay with a couple of modifiers. Plus, with Remake eventually on its way, it would probably be a good idea to play the original game for context.



I’m currently in the middle of playing the first game, when I find the time to sit down at a console. It’s pretty fun so far, but I’m more excited to try Bayonetta 2. Nintendo made such a bold move to make that game even happen and it paid off with massive critical success. It’s time to just say “let’s dance” when it comes to this one.



I’ve covered this one in a previous post, where I waited too long for patches to arrive before continuing my early progress. Well, the patches are all out. The DLC is looking especially tempting. For as much as I enjoyed my six in-depth hours in White Orchard, I can’t wait to see what the rest of world of The Witcher has to offer. It only makes sense, for all of the awards the game won last year.



How have I never played Chrono Trigger before? Just shameful! Well, I’ve decided to rectify that early in the year, as I’m already most of the way through the game, since I just acquired the Epoch. It’s already easy to tell that this game belongs among the seminal classics, but I can only check it off of the resolution list when I beat it!


What are you gaming resolutions for 2016? Which games have been inexcusable absences in your play history? Let us know in the comments below!


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