Top 5 Most Anticipated Games of 2016

In the video gaming world, we always look forward to what’s new, what’s next. We all have games that we look at when a new year arrives which make us say “I can’t wait to play that!” 2016 is no exception. While I have the most excitement for new hardware, such as Nintendo NX and PlayStation VR, these are the titles that get my heart racing. These are my most anticipated games of 2016.




Mass Effect is about the journey, not the end result. While many were bothered by how Mass Effect 3 concluded, but I was not among them. So while some of those players may be put off by the series, I am ready for another adventure through space, especially if it refreshes the series and adds clever nods to its past history.

After the game was featured at the last two E3 conferences with teaser trailers, a big information blowout is expected this year in June. The rumor mill is strong with this game, though. When a Redditor posted details of a Mass Effect: Andromeda survey, many of the game’s potential features were laid out. While the rumors are still just that, if we are flying the Tempest, fighting Remnant, and recruiting Cora and Drack, then we’ll know where that all originated. Even though I fear that the game will be delayed, that doesn’t diminish my excitement to play a new Mass Effect game.



In the last several years, few games have pushed the boundaries of what game narratives can be further than 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors and Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward. Now, the long-awaited conclusion to the trilogy, has been named Zero Time Dilemma. Visual novel fans cannot wait to see what Kotaro Uchikoshi has in store for this mind-bending franchise.

We actually don’t know too much about the game, outside of what generally should take place, based on the clues provided from the first two games. The fabled “Zero Escape 3” was revealed in July 2015 at Anime Expo for a supposed Summer 2016 release, so it is possible for the game to slip from that date. However, as character art starts to slowly be revealed, one can hope that the hype cycle is starting to rev up. All we know for sure is that based on the pedigree of the other Zero Escape games, the hopes are high for the third.



If you thought little was known about Zero Time Dilemma, then I have some bad news. It’s shocking how the next Legend of Zelda for Wii U, supposedly still on track for 2016, still doesn’t have an official title yet. We don’t even know yet if it will stay exclusive to Wii U, or if it will also jump ship to NX. If you think about it, with the game’s major overhaul of a delay, it’s possible that the game may even change the art style that we have seen. Despite all that is unknown, the open-world prospect has enough to get me very excited about the next installment in this influential franchise.

Well, Epona may not run into trees, but it sure will trample horses. And Link can vault off of Epona to fire arrows in slow motion. Plus, the open world really broadens the sense of exploration and wonder that the series is known for. Aside from that, we know nothing about the story, the dungeons, or anything else that will set this game apart. To be honest, this game and NX just makes Nintendo’s presence at E3 2016 all the more thrilling.



I mean, come on. It’s Uncharted 4. A sequel to one of the best series of games from last generation. The next offering from one of the best game studios in the world. The vision of the creative director and game director of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and The Last of Us. What else needs to be said?

Troy Baker is playing Sam Drake, Nathan’s long-lost older brother. Laura Bailey is playing mercenary boss Nadine Ross. From the gameplay demo at PSX 2014, to the extended demo at E3 2015, we’ve seen all that we need to. Now that Naughty Dog is polishing the ending, the troubled past of its initial development is in the rear view mirror. All we can do now is that our heroes make it out alive to ride into the sunset in Nate’s final adventure.



If I could only play one game this year, it would be Persona 5. Persona 4 Golden is one of my favorite games of all time and the sequel looks like it only expands on it. It’s hard to believe that this is still originally targeted as a PlayStation 3 release, though it will also be on PS4. All I know is that once this arrives, the game will take over my life.

This game is exactly what it needs to be, starting with the development staff. Katsura Hashino is back as director. Shigenori Soejima is back as character designer. Shoji Meguro is back as composer. The one twist revealed so far is that the characters are anti-heroes, unhappy with their lives and looking to fight against the establishment as thieves. We know the starting quartet of characters, as well as an additional, artistic party member. The dungeon crawling has engaging new twists. The menus look sharp and crisp. Best of all, the social links are back. I NEED PERSONA 5. NOW, PLEASE.


Which games are you most looking forward to playing? Let us know in the comments below?


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