POKÉMON DIAMOND/PEARL and PERSONA 3 – Original Soundchat – Episode 19

THIS WEEK: Peter riffs on Sinnoh’s snow, jazz, and heavy bass themes from Pokémon Diamond/Pearl and Joe visits the Dark Hour to explore the English rap stylings of Lotus Juice’s work in Persona 3.

1:55 – GAME 1: Pokémon Diamond/Pearl
20:08 – Composer History: Go Ichinose
28:21 – Critical Track #1
32:01 – Critical Track #2
34:42 – Critical Track #3
36:18 – Critical Track #4
38:31 – Critical Track #5
40:38 – Cutting Room Floor
49:32 – Transition
51:02 – GAME 2: Persona 3
1:14:55 – Composer History: Lotus Juice
1:26:11 – Critical Track #1
1:28:22 – Critical Track #2
1:31:01 – Critical Track #3
1:33:45 – Critical Track #4
1:36:29 – Critical Track #5
1:39:42 – Cutting Room Floor
1:48:44 – Outro

Welcome to Original Soundchat, where video game music is a work of art! In this new weekly show, hosts Joe DeVader and Peter Spezia are talking about their favorite game soundtracks. This involves taking a deep dive into the creation and history behind those classic OSTs, while highlighting some key tracks along the way. Join them as they shine a light on the often-forgotten composers that make our games sound great, and prove that game music has come a long way from the days of so-called “beeps and boops.”

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Peter Spezia

Editor-in-Chief at Rhymes With Asia
Speaking into a microphone about nerd culture is a passion project for Peter Spezia, formerly known as SMYNYouko. Peter has been an Internet broadcaster since 2007, with past shows including Show Me Your News and WTF, Pokémon. His latest ventures include hosting The PowerSwitch - gaming's call-in talk radio show - and writing for RhymesWithAsia.com. A University of Michigan alum, Peter lives in the Great Lakes State with his wife Rachel as he works in video production for FCA US LLC. When he isn't keeping track of the latest video game industry news, Peter is either playing the guitar or staying fit.