The PowerSwitch – So Long, NES Classic – Episode 22

TODAY on The PowerSwitch – Gaming’s Call-In Talk Radio Show: Nintendo Switch sales are off to a record start, production ceases on the NES Classic Edition, a new Nintendo Direct highlights ARMS and Splatoon 2, the ongoing adjustments to how Nintendo presents its information, how to fix the lopsided polls in Fire Emblem Heroes, Microsoft trying digital refunds on Xbox One, Star Wars Battlefront II shows its first trailer, Dragon Quest XI confirms an extra-special release edition for Japan, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy gets a release date, and Bayonetta finally arrives on PC

nes classic


  • (2:05) – Main Topic: So Long, NES Classic
    • Nintendo Switch’s first NPD sales figures
    • Production ceases on NES Classic Edition
    • Nintendo Direct
      • Hey! Pikmin
      • Ever Oasis
      • Monster Hunter Stories
      • Smash Bros. and Zelda 30th amiibo
      • ARMS, neon yellow Joycon, battery pack
      • Splatoon 2
  • (15:27) – Caller: Videogameguru64 (Illinois)
    • Nintendo Direct reactions
      • New pacing of the show with bullet points
      • Thoughts on the different games shown
      • How many copies of 1-2-Switch were sold?
  • (29:10) – Caller: Matt (New Jersey)
    • Explaining Fire Emblem Heroes’ Voting Gauntlet mode
    • How to fix Voting Gauntlet’s lopsided outcomes
  • (44:14) – Headline Roundup
    • Microsoft testing digital refunds on Xbox One
    • Star Wars Battlefront II trailer released
    • Dragon Quest XI will receive special PS4/3DS combo
    • Uncharted: The Lost Legacy gets a release date
    • Bayonetta finally out on PC
  • (50:00) – Outro


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Peter Spezia

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