The PowerSwitch – Best Game Soundtracks Since 2013 – Episode 21

TODAY on The PowerSwitch – Gaming’s Call-In Talk Radio Show: Scott White from joins the show to talk about where he thinks the game industry is heading, the best game soundtracks of this generation so far, Xbox Scorpio’s specs from the perspective of an Xbox newbie, playing Nintendo Switch while being a father, gushing about Persona 5 after 40+ hours, spoiler-free thoughts on P5’s difficulty modes and the story so far, and Scott’s top 5 favorite games of all time

game soundtracks


  • (2:02) – Meet Scott White
    • History with games
    • Experiences with
    • The game industry going forward
  • (14:36) – Best Game Soundtracks Since 2013
    • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
    • Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair
    • Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
    • Shovel Knight
    • Life Is Strange
    • DOOM
    • Bravely Default
    • Final Fantasy XV
    • Undertale
    • Persona 5
  • (29:20) – Caller: Videogameguru64 (Illinois)
    • Xbox Scorpio from an Xbox newbie’s perspective
    • More of this generation’s best soundtracks
    • Is Persona 5 a good entry point for a beginner?
  • (45:37) – Caller: Missingno87 (Ohio)
    • Playing Nintendo Switch while being a father
    • Future games to consider for purchase on Switch
  • (56:45) – Caller: ZeroRanma (Colorado)
    • Gushing about Persona 5 after 40+ hours
    • Differences between the difficulty modes
    • Spoiler-free thoughts on the story so far
  • (1:15:34) – Scott’s Top 5 Favorite Games
    • Diablo II
    • Metal Gear Solid
    • Pokémon Red/Blue
    • Final Fantasy VI
    • Mega Man X
  • (1:23:23) – Outro


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