The PowerSwitch – Countdown to Switch with Alex O’Neill – Episode 13

TODAY on The PowerSwitch – Gaming’s Call-In Talk Radio Show: Alex O’Neill from Irrational Passions joins the show as its inaugural guest co-host to discuss the adventures of podcasting about games, the hype that is building with less than a week until the Nintendo Switch launch, the next move that the Xbox brand must make, what makes the ‘Tales of’ series so good, and the games he has been playing recently

alex o'neill


  • (2:55) – Meet Alex O’Neill
    • How do we know each other?
    • Adventures in podcasting about games
    • Favorite games
      • Persona 4 Golden
      • The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
      • The Last of Us
      • Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix
      • Tales of Vesperia
  • (17:30) – Main Topic: Countdown to Nintendo Switch
    • Where do our hype levels stand?
    • Preview coverage
      • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
      • Joy-Con connectivity
    • No Virtual Console at launch
    • Fast RMX, Shovel Knight, and Snipperclips hit, with Indie Showcase on Tuesday, Noon ET
    • The beginning of the spring game onslaught
  • (34:08) – Caller: Ivan (Illinois)
    • Does Nintendo Switch have enough launch games?
    • Reports of Joy-Con de-synchronizing
    • CNET’s attack on the Nintendo Switch kickstand
    • Xbox One’s next tactical move
  • (48:52) – Caller: Scott (Michigan)
    • Nintendo Switch launch games that we’re getting
    • Thinking about Game of the Year 2017 already
    • The wonders of the ‘Tales of’ games
  • (1:07:53) – Caller: Videogameguru64 (Illinois)
    • Concerns over Joy-Con connectivity
    • Nintendo Switch pre-order plans
  • (1:18:01) – What Our Guest Is Playing
    • Tales of Berseria
    • Nioh
    • Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
  • (1:34:01) – Outro


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Peter Spezia

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Speaking into a microphone about nerd culture is a passion project for Peter Spezia, formerly known as SMYNYouko. Peter has been an Internet broadcaster since 2007, with past shows including Show Me Your News and WTF, Pokémon. His latest ventures include hosting The PowerSwitch - gaming's call-in talk radio show - and writing for A University of Michigan alum, Peter lives in the Great Lakes State with his wife Rachel as he works in video production for FCA US LLC. When he isn't keeping track of the latest video game industry news, Peter is either playing the guitar or staying fit.