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THIS WEEK on The PowerSwitch – Gaming’s Call-In Talk Radio Show: Looking to the future with E3 2018 predictions, newcomers that may be playable in Super Smash Bros., if we will finally see Death Stranding gameplay, can Microsoft bring the games, are we finally getting a Kingdom Hearts III release date, and Big Boss & Kiefer Predictions with Joel Orndorff (Imabeast78 on Twitch)

e3 2018 predictions


  • (2:39) – MICROSOFT – Caller: Joel (West Virginia)
    • Will a brand new, first-party intellectual property be announced?
    • Will Halo 6 be revealed?
    • Will an all-new Gears of War or Fable game be revealed?
    • Will Crackdown 3 receive a specific release date?
    • Will a racing game specifically titled “Forza Horizon 4” be announced?
    • Will Below and Ashen be shown during the conference?
    • Will an old Rare property be rebooted in some fashion?
    • Will Minecraft be mentioned during the conference?
    • Will online multiplayer capability be permanently included with a Game Pass subscription?
    • Will virtual or augmented reality be mentioned during the conference?
  • (16:46) – SONY – Caller: Joel (West Virginia)
    • Will the conference open with a live orchestral performance?
    • Will third-person gameplay footage be shown during the conference
    • from all three of the following – The Last of Us Part II, Death Stranding, Ghost of Tsushima?
    • Will Days Gone or Dreams receive specific release dates?
    • Will a new game from one of Sony’s first-party studios be revealed?
    • Will Bluepoint announce that they are remaking one of the following titles – Metal Gear Solid, Demon’s Souls, inFAMOUS?
    • Will PlayStation Now or backwards compatibility be mentioned at all during the conference?
    • Will PlayStation VR be mentioned or shown in a specific game’s trailer during the conference?
    • Will FromSoftware show more of the project currently known as Shadows Die Twice?
    • Will new video footage of Final Fantasy VII Remake or Shenmue III be released?
    • Will PlayStation users finally be able to change their PSN names?
  • (31:42) – NINTENDO – Caller: VideoGameGuru64 (Illinois)
    • Will more than two newcomers be revealed for Super Smash Bros.?
    • Will Retro Studios reveal a new IP for Switch?
    • Will a Mario Maker, Animal Crossing, or a Pikmin game be revealed for Switch?
    • Will two of the following three Switch games receive an official title – Pokémon, Fire Emblem, Yoshi?
    • Will a Metroid Prime 4 trailer be shown during the Direct?
    • Will games from a system other than NES be announced for distribution via Nintendo Switch Online?
    • Will a new game for 3DS be revealed during the Direct?
    • Will two of the following four third-party games receive Switch ports – Overwatch, Fortnite, Grand Theft Auto V, Dragon Ball FighterZ?
    • Will Mario Kart Tour be mentioned during the Direct?
    • Will Mother 3 be announced for Switch?
  • (53:20) – THIRD PARTIES – Caller: Matthias (Georgia) & Demetrius (North Carolina)
    • Will Kingdom Hearts III receive a specific release date before November 1, 2018?
    • Will Rocksteady reveal a new game that features an established superhero protagonist?
    • Will Cyberpunk 2077 receive a 2019 release window?
    • Will The Avengers Project be shown at all?
    • Will a new character or mode for Overwatch be announced?
    • Will Anthem receive a specific release date?
    • Will a new Splinter Cell or Watch Dogs game be revealed during Ubisoft’s conference?
    • Will Bethesda Game Studios reveal a new IP?
    • Will more than two games shown during the press conferences have battle royale modes announced?
    • Will a game series which had its last title released over 10 years ago receive a new installment?
  • (1:16:42) – HOPES & DREAMS – Caller: Scott (Michigan)
    • Will Half Life 3, Portal 3, or Left 4 Dead 3 be revealed?
    • Will Devil May Cry V be revealed?
    • Will Borderlands 3 be revealed?
    • Will The Elder Scrolls VI be revealed?
    • Will The Sims 5 be revealed?
    • Will Resident Evil 2 Remake be revealed?
    • Will Saints Row 5 be revealed?
    • Will Banjo-Threeie be revealed?
    • Will Deep Down be revealed?
    • Will Agent be revealed?
  • (1:31:26) – Outro
    • Remaining Big Boss & Kiefer Predictions
    • E3 2018 coverage plans with Scott White


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