Tempo Control: Episode 7 – Mass Effect

On this week’s episode: The Top 10 songs from the Mass Effect soundtrack, PlayStation 4K rumors intensify, Final Fantasy XV uncovered, Nintendo fires a target of online harassment, and gaming’s best April Fool’s Day moments!

mass effect


0:00 – Intro
2:29 – #10 Song
4:35 – PlayStation 4K Rumors
10:27 – #9 Song
11:58 – Mako Drive (Mashup)
12:39 – #8 Song
16:40 – Final Fantasy XV Uncovered
19:46 – #7 Song
22:00 – Now Playing
23:20 – Composer Spotlight
24:48 – #6 Song
26:35 – Nintendo Fires Alison Rapp
30:11 – #5 Song
32:06 – Out This Week
33:12 – #4 Song
35:11 – Top 5 Gaming April Fool’s Day Moments
38:02 – #3 Song
39:33 – Viewer Mail: The Perfect Game
41:54 – #2 Song
44:34 – Reflecting on Mass Effect
47:06 – Honorable Mentions
48:17 – #1 Song
57:24 – Remix of the Week

“Tempo Control” is the weekly podcast that highlights game tunes and game news, hosted by Peter Spezia. Every week, the show focuses on a specific video game and lists a definitive countdown of the top 10 best songs from its soundtrack, all while recapping the latest game industry news. Tempo Control is brought to you by RhymesWithAsia.com.


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Peter Spezia

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