Game News Stories: Week of February 29, 2016

During Episode 3 of Tempo Control, we covered the latest game news stories. Here are those segments, compiled into one location for your viewing!

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Nintendo Direct: March 2016 Takeaways

After a new Nintendo Direct revealed Wii U and 3DS games for summer 2016, several questions came to mind. What could the fatal flaw be for Star Fox Zero? Are we finally sold on Metroid Prime: Federation Force? Is there hope for the new Paper Mario game on Wii U? Here are our top five takeaways from the event!

NX Rumor Changes Perspective

The latest “motherload of Nintendo NX rumors” may prove to be fake in time, but it was certainly intriguing when it lit up the curiosities of Nintendo fans. How does this new console concept change our perspectives? What are some of the red flags of this rumor? Is there a chance we see this system this year?

Xbox One Upgrades Considered

At a recent media event, Phil Spencer pondered the thought of how the console market could become more like the PC market. Is it feasible to upgrade an Xbox One with newer tech over time? Has this been attempted in the past? Which technology could keep up with the pace of developing gaming hardware?

Quick Hits: No Man’s Sky Release Date

The surplus of gaming news headlines lead us to cover several in Quick Hits! Which sequel is Nintendo rumored to be financially supporting? When will we finally get to play No Man’s Sky and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End? What in the world is Young Conker?

Viewer Mail: Favorite Amiibo

Let’s answer some questions that viewers have about the game industry! What’s your favorite amiibo that you have?

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