Game News Stories: Week of February 22, 2016

During Episode 2 of Tempo Control, we covered the latest game news stories. Here are those segments, compiled into one location for your viewing!

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Pokémon Sun and Moon Revealed

Generation VII of Pokémon is upon us! Between leaked marketing documents and logos, Pokémon Sun and Moon were afterthoughts after the big Pokémon Direct was concluded. Did we learn anything else besides the names? What else could still be on that document?

HTC Vive Priced at $799

Now that the HTC Vive has been assigned a launch price of $799, the virtual reality market has been thrown a curveball. Are these devices too expensive for the mass market? Where else can VR succeed? What does this mean for the upcoming price reveal of PlayStation VR?

PlayStation Vita Turns Four

PlayStation Vita has turned four years old in the United States, so even though it’s at the end of its life, let’s look back at its high and low points! What are the Vita’s best-selling and highest-rated games? Why did the platform fail? What made this handheld so great?

Naughty Dog’s Art Theft

Naughty Dog released a gorgeous new story trailer for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, but not without some controversy. From which game did the trailer lift art from? Is this enough to stain the developer’s reputation? Was this situation handled well?

Viewer Mail – Favorite Smash Bros. Player

Let’s answer some questions that viewers have about the game industry! Do you think a VR version of classic platformers like Crash Bandicoot would ever make sense? What are your thoughts on game difficulty, both fair and artificial? Who is your favorite Super Smash Bros. player?

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