Shifting Podcast Focus

Hello there! It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

You may be wondering why there haven’t been any episodes of The PowerSwitch for the past month. The answer is short, evident, and has multiple meanings.

There hasn’t been enough interest.

Not enough from me as a content creator. Not enough from the voices in our own community. Not enough from a wider audience.

It has led me to conclude that The PowerSwitch is going on an indefinite hiatus. It’s a format I love and one that I believe has a lot of potential. The call-in talk radio format for games is a demanding and thrilling concept, especially for someone working a Monday-Friday, 9-5 job with occasional travel. Unfortunately, when the voices in the community continue to be the same, the growth just isn’t there. When the time demand for production on my end continues to increase, this results in burnout. And so, this choice and its disappointment all falls on me. I am not the host to carry the vision forward at this time.

I would like to revisit the show in the future, thus why I do not use the “cancelled” terminology, but the base of people actively interested in participating needs to be larger before I return to The PowerSwitch. Otherwise, spending six hours to get a single episode published starts to feel like a challenging endeavor.

I think it’s important to stress, however, that I still want to talk about games. Furthermore, there are other topics that I would like to discuss on-air. Therefore, my podcast focus and priorities have shifted. I would like two reveal two show concepts that I am currently in the middle of piloting.


Hearts Without Borders will be a weekly podcast about long-distance relationships and friendships. My wife, Rachel, will be joining me as a co-host, along with Joe DeVader and Anneke Weweler. Rachel’s and my adventures through England-American immigration have been long-documented, but Anneke and Joe are about to begin their process with Canada. On this show, we want to give LDR advice (questions which you can submit through social media and email), but also catch up as friends and talk about anything – whether it’s whatever’s going on in our lives or the most off-the-wall topics. We are in the middle of piloting the show now and the first episode will be available tomorrow – Wednesday, November 15 – at our YouTube channel.


Games in Time will be my way of wanting to get back into talking about games, but in a less time-intensive production capacity. I want to aim for a ten-minute podcast every weekday that recaps the day’s big news stories and answers any questions received through social media and email. After all, the game industry changes every day, and hour-long shows don’t do much to keep you up to speed in a timely manner. This would also be a show where I could do occasional long-form guest interviews and spoilercasts for specific games. If you’re someone who enjoyed participating on The PowerSwitch, you’ll be happy to know that I’ll also be taking audio-recorded questions, so you can still have your voice heard on this show. Production on this podcast is expected to begin in early December, so please stay tuned.


As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment or find me on Twitter @petespeakeasy. I would be happy to hear from you. Thank you for reading and understanding.

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Peter Spezia

Editor-in-Chief at Rhymes With Asia
Speaking into a microphone about nerd culture is a passion project for Peter Spezia, formerly known as SMYNYouko. Peter has been an Internet broadcaster since 2007, with past shows including Show Me Your News and WTF, Pokémon. His latest ventures include hosting The PowerSwitch - gaming's call-in talk radio show - and writing for A University of Michigan alum, Peter lives in the Great Lakes State with his wife Rachel as he works in video production for FCA US LLC. When he isn't keeping track of the latest video game industry news, Peter is either playing the guitar or staying fit.