Hearts Without Borders – Our Airplane Experiences

airplane experiences

The hosts share their airplane experiences and craziest travel stories, if they have ever been vegan or vegetarian, how recently they have smoked, the extent to which they find intelligence attractive, and the most and least favorite aspects about each other’s home countries – THIS WEEK on Hearts Without Borders!


  • (1:21) – Our Weeks
    • Peter in L.A.
    • Rachel missing Peter
    • Anneke’s work challenges and broken furnace
    • Joe’s final projects
  • (11:27) – Getting to Know You
    • Are you either vegetarian or vegan?
    • Have you smoked a cigarette in the last 6 months?
    • How much can intelligence turn you on?
  • (30:28) – Airplane Experiences
    • What’s the deal with airline food?
    • Flight habits
    • Craziest travel stories
  • (49:22) – Mailbag
    • Kyle: “What is your least and most favorite things you think of about the other’s country?”
      • Rachel – Corn syrup and driving
      • Peter – Lack of sports variety and public transit system
      • Joe – Cold weather and public transit system
      • Anneke – Public congestion and humidity
  • (1:06:06) – Long-Distance Feedback
  • (1:10:18) – Easter Egg

airplane experiences

Hearts Without Borders is the podcast about international long-distance relationships and friendships. As Peter and Rachel have been married since 2015 after an England-to-America immigration, Joe and Anneke begin their own USA-Canada process. Together, the foursome discusses the highs and lows of LDRs, what happened in their weeks, and any other topic they can think of. You can follow the show on social media @hwbpod and ask questions or other forms of contact at hwbpod(AT)gmail(DOT)com.

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