11 E3 2016 Predictions for Nintendo and Third-Party

For the last several years, when June rolls around and the Electronic Entertainment Expo hype begins, I have created lists of fifty questions that set up the scope of what game enthusiasts are anticipating. These questions are framed in the sense that they can be definitively answered “YES” or “NO” by the time E3 concludes. This year will be a bit different. Because of the shifting landscape of the press conferences this year, three posts will pose these kinds of questions. In each, I will directly give you my E3 2016 predictions. We conclude with…

e3 2016 predictions

EA Conference: Sunday, June 12 – 4 PM ET
Bethesda Conference: Sunday, June 12 – 10 PM ET
Ubisoft: Monday, June 13 – 4 PM ET
Nintendo Treehouse Live: Tuesday, June 14 – 12 PM ET

e3 2016 predictions

e3 2016 predictions

Will Nintendo NX be referenced in some way during the Zelda portion of the Treehouse Live stream?

It was crushing back in mid-May, when Nintendo confirmed that they would not be showing the NX at E3 2016. Instead, their plan was to portray a deep dive into The Legend of Zelda for Wii U, which would also have an NX version upon launch. When the Wii U version is shown in the coming days, will fans extrapolate theories of functionalities that must also exist in an NX version? Almost certainly. The key to the question, though, is whether or not Nintendo themselves will acknowledge this. By saying “NX,” “our next console,” or something of the sort, that will be a sign of pointing towards what’s next. Considering how much of NX is still under wraps, I think Nintendo will be very careful not to show or suggest anything too explicit about their future hardware.

I say: NO


Will The Legend of Zelda’s subtitle have more than two words?

It would certainly be a bold move if the next game were just titled The Legend of Zelda (2017), but now that it has slipped out of this year, one would think the ship has sailed on the 30th anniversary chance. Recent mainline console subtitles suggest two words, with Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess, with handhelds bucking that trend with A Link Between Worlds. Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a return to the BLANK of BLANK model. “Book of Shadows,” perhaps, since fan theories suggest seeing a textbook emblazoned with a Sheikah logo in recent concept art? Regardless, this is one of the most anticipated news bits to come out of E3 for Nintendo, after knowing only a working title for a few years now.

I say: YES


Will a new Wii U/3DS-exclusive or Virtual Console game be revealed as a surprise over the course of E3?

After initially saying that The Legend of Zelda would be the only Nintendo game shown at E3, that has suddenly changed. For example, Pokémon Sun/Moon will now open up the Zelda stream, while Day 2 at the Treehouse will feature more Wii U and 3DS games. It’s not outside the realm of possibility for a new Nintendo-exclusive game to be announced now, with all of these shifting plans. I propose an alternative, though. One of the worst-kept secrets in Nintendo circles is the existence of an official Mother 3 localization effort. After last year’s E3 announcement of Earthbound Beginnings – a Western localization of Mother Zero – Nintendo could really use the good will of bringing Mother 3 stateside. If this happens, I’d point towards this as the likeliest possibility.

I say: YES


Will Mass Effect: Andromeda receive a specific release date?

If there is one game outside of The Legend of Zelda that I am most excited to see at E3 2016, it is Mass Effect: Andromeda. The game has been targeting a huge E3 blowout ever since its brief teases during the last two shows, especially since its delay into Q1 2017. We’ll finally see non-leaked gameplay and learn more about the game’s systems, but since we already know its release window, we’re hoping for something more specific than that. EA has a good track record of delivering specific release dates at E3 and hitting them, so this will hopefully continue with Andromeda. Now, if there’s some way to tie our Commander Shepard adventures into this title, that will be cherry on top.

I say: YES


Will EA reveal more than one new Star Wars game during their conference?

Since EA acquired the Star Wars game license, they are going to make sure you don’t forget that fact. It’s rather staggering to list off the amount of Star Wars games that we are already aware of. More DLC is surely planned for Star Wars Battlefront, on top of a sequel for that game. There’s the Visceral Games title, led by Amy Hennig. Respawn is working on a Star Wars game. Those are just the projects we’re aware of. If any Star Wars game is going to be shown, it will likely be Visceral’s third-person action game that some hope is the revitalization of Star Wars 1313. Beyond that, I think it’s too early to see these new game products. I’d be glad to be proven wrong, as long as it isn’t smothering.

I say: NO


Will Ubisoft reveal yet another game with “Tom Clancy” in the title?

Ubisoft truly became Clancysoft during last year’s E3. Tom Clancy’s The Division. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege. End the show with Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands. Enough is enough! One would hope that Ubisoft’s end-of-show surprise strays away from what now feels like a tired theme, but you never know if Sam Fisher could be lurking about. Then again, it’s too early to show next year’s Assassin’s Creed game, so anything is possible. Still, if the publisher is hoping for variety in their portfolio, they ought to break from the Clancysoft perception.

I say: NO


Will Bethesda share news about The Elder Scrolls VI during their conference?

Bethesda Game Studios just got done with Fallout 4. Give them a break. Bethesda has plenty of other titles to showcase during their conference, with Dishonored 2 ready to lead the holiday charge. Oh, as well as the rumored milking of the Skyrim teat with a definitive edition supposedly coming November 23rd. Asking for The Elder Scrolls VI at next E3 is presumptuous. But those that are expecting it this year are truly grasping at straws.

I say: NO


Will Capcom reveal a new Resident Evil or Devil May Cry game?

A new Resident Evil game that goes back to the series’ roots feels like a sure thing at this point, though I doubt the RE7 moniker will be used. What is particularly interesting is the speculation on where it might show up in the conference lineup. If I had to guess, Capcom’s partnership with Sony on Street Fighter V, as well as the horror franchise’s roots in PlayStation lore means we should see the next Resident Evil there. As far as Devil May Cry goes, recent photos of Dante and Vergil’s actors in motion capture suits suggests that a new game is in production, but seeing it at E3 seems unlikely. Between Resident Evil and Dead Rising 4, Capcom is sure to have their hands full in the AAA space this year.

I say: YES


Will Rockstar debut a new Red Dead game?

2K is apparently coming to E3 “in a big way” this year. This poses some interesting questions about the BioShock franchise, whether a new one will be announced, or we’ll finally see confirmation on the frequently-leaked current-gen trilogy remaster. When it comes to 2K, though, it’s all about Rockstar, especially with their massive financial success in Grand Theft Auto V. Seeing single-player DLC for that game would not be too surprising, but recent rumors are pointing towards a new Red Dead game. That leaked map does look pretty convincing, after all. Reveal the new game at Microsoft’s press conference, along with an announcement of Red Dead Redemption’s compatibility on Xbox One, and you have a strong E3 moment right there.

I say: YES


Will we see Rocksteady’s next game project?

Too soon on this one. Batman: Arkham Knight was just last year. If anything, you could maybe see a Justice League game in the works, only if Rocksteady wants to keep with the DC superhero game theme. Even then, that would be ideally revealed next E3 and released in time for the November 2017 movie. Don’t get me wrong, I’m really looking forward to what Rocksteady has planned next, but this is definitely not the year for it.

I say: NO


Will Valve unveil a sequel with “3” in the title?

Half Life 3 is the long-running joke, of course. Poral 3 doesn’t seem too likely. But I’m not about to let these screenshots go about Left 4 Dead 3. Especially if the game has been pushed back until now so that it supports VR in some capacity. It’s a stretch, but one I’m willing to make.

I say: YES



During E3, the North American release window for Pokémon GO will be revealed. It will be October 2016.


NX referenced during Nintendo’s Zelda stream: NO
Zelda’s subtitle has more than two words: YES
Surprise Nintendo exclusive game revealed: YES
Mass Effect: Andromeda gets a specific release date: YES
More than one new Star Wars game revealed: NO
New Tom Clancy game revealed: NO
News about The Elder Scrolls VI shared: NO
New Resident Evil or Devil May Cry game revealed: YES
New Red Dead game revealed: YES
Next game project from Rocksteady: NO
New game from Valve with “3” in the title: YES

YES: 6
NO: 5

What do you think of these E3 2016 predictions? What are yours? Let us know in the comments below?

e3 2016 predictions

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